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        Air cooler introduction 2018/01/26
        Air cooler, referred to as air cooler, with air as a coolant, can be used as a cooler, can also be used as a condenser. Air cooler mainly by the tube bundle, brackets and fans. Air Cooler Hot fluid flows through the tube, blowing ...
        Air cooler ventilation 2018/01/26
        Ventilation and induced draft two ways: ① blast-style: the first air flow through the fan into the tube bundle. ② wind-induced type: air flow through the first tube into the fan. The former operating costs more economical, the tur...
        Air cooler fin tube introduction 2018/01/26
        Air cooler fin tube of the basic form are: sets of films, around the sheet, rolled sheet, welded sheet, oval tube, insert film, turbulence, spoke, slotted form of corrugated form. The main structure of the air cooler tube box flan...
        Air cooler layout requirements 2018/01/26
        Air cooler layout of the general requirements: 1. Air cooler (hereinafter referred to as air cooler) should be arranged on the leeward side of the annual minimum frequency wind direction; 2. Air cooler should be arranged above the...