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        Air flue gas heat exchanger

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        Air flue gas heat exchanger

        Four advantages of air fumes heat exchangers:
        1, Reducing urban thermal pollution: After recovering waste heat from flue gas, the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to below 50 °C, reducing high-temperature gas emissions and reducing urban thermal pollution.
        2, Reduce carbon emissions: Reduce CO2 emissions by more than 15% due to reduced energy consumption, resulting in “low carbon” benefits.
        3, High energy-saving efficiency: the recovery of fuel (gas) boilers, industrial furnaces, high-quality emissions and even low-grade heat. And increase its commodity value (hot water temperature), the energy saving rate is as high as 15% when the exhaust gas temperature is 220 °C.
        4, High desulfurization effect: The desulfurization rate is 96.9%. The enterprise changes from passive desulfurization to active desulfurization, and the desulfurization cost is only one quarter of the traditional technology.